Many years ago, during Phoenix Comic-con met the insanely talented and the very phunny, Elisa Wikey.

My friend and fellow comic book creator, John Layman, wanted me to pal around with him before the show started, to look around and say hello to fellow peers. And one of those stops was at Elisa Wikey’s booth.

Standing behind an artist-alley table, covered in a bright yellow table cloth, Elisa showed off her fantastic work. This particular year, her work consisted of different versions of the beloved character Ron Swanson. One of my wife’s favorite characters from the TV show Parks & Rec.

As I listen to John and Elisa talk, I perused through her work, touching almost everything on her table (Something that Covid-19 will put a stop to for a bit). I was fascinated and enamored by the creativity of Elisa’s work. Every picture had put a smile on my face. It is just a joy to look at.

Later in the show, I went back and bought my wife an anniversary gift of Ron Swanson as Lord Darth Vader (my wife loved it!) Elisa and I struck up a conversation. Later in the evening, Elisa and her now-husband Chris, Layman, and others went out for drinks.

Each year at PHXCC, this friendship grew and grew.

A few years ago, I asked her if she would be interested in working together on a project. I told her I don’t have one in mind yet that would be perfect for her, but I promise it will be epic!

Fast forward….November 2020, around the holidays, I was having dinner with my family. I was watching my 11-year old swing his new double-sided lightsaber around as he headed to the table to sit down. We spoke of how he missed his lightsaber fights with his babysitters because of the pandemic. That conversation trailed into how he would beat on his sitters, and we were lucky they would always happily come back to play with him.

As we continued to eat dinner, all we could do is think how that would be a great and fun story to tell—Michael vs. The Babysitter. My whole life, I have always enjoyed an adventurous babysitting tale. Don’t know why and don’t really care. I just like them.

Before my family and I finished our dinner, I (along with their great additions) came up with an actual story. One with exciting characters, laughs, adventures, and cats!


This is it. I finally thought of something that would be perfect for Elisa’s talents. I called her instantly (forgetting time zones) and shared with her the idea. I asked her if she was interested in working with me on it, and thankfully, she said yes!

That night, and several days and nights after, all I worked on was Cobblestone. Mapping and planning out a world full of fun and adventure. One worthy of the talents that Elisa holds.

Fast forward just one month later. Elisa and I have published a mini-comic, THE COBBLESTONE CHRONICLES: A HOLIDAY SPECIAL, an intro to our world that we’ve worked so hard to create.

Fast forward four more months later, Elisa and I are wrapping up the final pages of THE COBBLESTONE CHRONICLES: MICHAEL and the BABYSITTER KILLER, the first of many books in the Cobblestone Chronicle series.

I couldn’t be more proud of this book and the work that Elisa and I have produced.

Check out the Cobblestone Projects page on my site to read more about The Cobblestone Chronicles: Michael and the Babysitter Killer.

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