Many years ago, during Phoenix Comic-con met the insanely talented and the very phunny, Elisa Wikey. My friend and fellow comic book creator, John Layman, wanted me to pal around with him before the show started, to look around and say hello to fellow peers. And one of those stops was at Elisa Wikey’s booth. Standing behind an artist-alley table, covered in a bright yellow table cloth, Elisa showed off her fantastic work. This particular year, her work consisted of different versions of the beloved character Ron Swanson. One of my wife’s favorite characters from the TV show Parks & Rec. As I listen to John and Elisa talk, I perused through her work, touching almost everything on her table (Something that Covid-19 will put a stop to for a bit). I was fascinated and enamored by the creativity of Elisa’s work. Every picture had put a smile on my face. It is just a joy to look at. Later in the show, I went back and bought my wife an anniversary gift of Ron Swanson as Lord Darth Vader (


As I sit at Mulligan’s Family Fun Park , a wonderland of mini-golf, go-carts, video games, and candy, I can’t help but think about new beginnings. I’m masked up at a picnic bench while my son and his best friend are off playing mini-golf, and I, like most freelancers, am spending my weekend working. But work nowadays isn’t for some big company ( I love you, DC, if you are reading this, never let me go! ) but rather for myself. Again, new beginnings. I started on the path of writing comics a long time ago when I would spend almost all my time with my best friend, Nic. We would walk from his house to the comic book store (at this time, our shop was Emerald City Comics. A store that overtook Debby’s Gallery in our area.) On the way back, we would talk about the comics we bought, what superheroes we would want to be, and because of our age, which ones we would go out on a date with if we could (Rogue from X-Men). But as most of you know, writing comics wasn’t something I did until recently


Welcome to my new website . Yup, you guessed it, dot com was taken, and they wanted way too much money from me to obtain it. Maybe someone will gift it to me for my birthday (July 8 — hint hint!).  First, I want to give a big shoutout to Ean at  for all the help getting this site up and running. If you love it, I did most of it. If you hate it, send those complaints to him. I’m too fragile to read them. But without jest, thank you, Ean, for putting up with my demands and making this site look amazing. I wanted to take this opportunity of my first blog post to give a bit of background to my career. To tell you how I started, where I began, even why I started this crazy 27-year journey in the comics industry. My call to adventure, you can say. Way back in the summer of 1991, a neighbor of mine, Chris Lyons, took me to my very first comic book store. I purchased a new book, sealed in a polybag, with a large man in giant shoulder pads on the cover. The book